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Medicine Stories

Sep 24, 2018

The potent healing offered by seaweeds and mushrooms, the vibrational power of names, and the unique intelligence that lies beneath the surface of things...

In the Intro:

  • My recent mothering dilemma & resolution
  • Food to switch the body into a state of constant healing
  • Resource page for further seaweed exploration



Sep 12, 2018

People of color have limited genealogical resources with which to find their ancestors, while people of European descent's ancestors gave up their ethnic identities in order to become "white". Both of these outcomes, which have cut most Americans off from their roots, are a direct result of racism and white supremacy....

Sep 6, 2018

Your body is your ancestor altar, how hungry ghosts affect the living, the earth as the repository of ancestral wisdom, & more...

In the Intro:

  • Cleatus B. Wright , January 20, 1929 - February 27th, 1929

In the Interview:

  • The hunger for our ancestors
  • The story of Daniel's first ancestral connection, and the healing...